Inspired by this data, I envisioned a transformative project for the Art Kiosk, drawing from the Diversity Index of four neighboring counties in the Bay Area—Alameda, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara—all of which registered a high diversity index of 70.1% or higher. My installation involves converting these percentages into a visual representation, transforming the Art Kiosk into a sculptural monument that will manifest the racial and ethnic tapestry that makes the Bay Area such a special place. The Art Kiosk's windows will be adorned with transparent colored films, offering viewers a unique experience as they encircle the structure.

These colored films will create four distinct abstract designs. Each design will reflect the racial composition of one of the four counties using a skin tone palette, while the chromatic colors incorporated into the designs will symbolize the percentage of the white population. The exterior installation of these colored films aims to evoke the aesthetic allure of stained glass found in cathedrals and places of worship. During daylight hours, the kiosk windows will emit a shifting spectrum of colors, creating an environment of beauty and introspection. As day transitions into night, this visual display will subtly change, providing a dynamic experience for passersby.

Lastly, housed within the Art Kiosk will be an arrangement of lasts I inherited from my parent’s shoe making business. These feet forms will provide the viewer with a physical connection to the body and symbolize the movement of peoples such as through migration and social gatherings.

In my visits to the downtown square, I have witnessed how the Art Kiosk stands as a beacon in this communal space, a hub for the diverse communities of Redwood City. My hope is that this installation will inspire visitors to contemplate the profound influence, strength, and resilience that our region's diversity embodies, especially during a period when some political figures promote divisiveness and cast the "other" as un-American or even threatening.